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Best Magento Extensions

If you already have your Magento eCommerce platform set up or you are planning on building one, you might be aware that the default Magento features do not fulfill all your business needs. Magento is an open-source platform which is why it has extensions to support and extend its functionality. Extensions are necessary for boosting […]

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Why choose Magento

Can you guess what big brands like Samsung, Nike, Coca Cola, Ford and Nespresso all have in common? Well, given the title of this comprehensive Magento guide, you should be able to guess it. Yes, all these companies have used Magento platform to build their websites. Now, you might be thinking that if Magento is […]

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Magento 1 migrate to Magento 2

Migration to Magento 2 has been one of the most discussed topics in the Magento community since its launch in November 2015. Merchants and store owners all over the world have been debating the necessity of this migration. The most asked questions include; who should migrate to Magento 2? Why should you migrate to Magento […]

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If you have ever planned to start a Magento ECommerce store then the first question that struck you has to be “How to hire a good Magento developer”. because let’s face it you cannot hope to run a Magento store smoothly without a certified and expert Magento developer. Before we dwell further on the topic, let […]

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In this post, we will look at how to add a custom tab in product detail page in magento 2. Creating file: Create file catalog_product_view.xml in

In the file write following code:

Now you need to create file custom_tab.phtml in the path:

In the file you can write any content that you […]

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Top link in magento can be added/removed by creating custom xml files. In this xml file you will add code to remove these top links. You can add/remove top link in magento using following method. Create custom default.xml file  at following path

Luma Theme: If the theme you are using is Luma or extends […]

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