Buzzer NG

I found RLTSquare amongst a long list of freelancers who applied to carry out my project and I decided to take a chance and listen to them out of all those i got alerts from. Omar who was the point person was extremely helpful. He was very well versed in all my requirements; for those he wasn't sure of, he would take his time to research and give me the best solution. I was a very demanding client and the project had to run longer than the estimated time but Umair and his team never showed any signs of frustration on my job. I was very impressed at the patience in which all my issues were handled. Their cost was also perfect ... as reasonable as could ever be expected. I released the funds in milestones and they never hassled me to release it despite the fact that the timing for release had passed. Sincerely there is so much I can say about RLTSquare ... and if I keep going, I won't be able to finish. Sincerely I am happy to have worked with them considering I had wasted monies with 2 other developers who just messed up my whole project. They have made my Magento shopping cart be as easy as reading A, B, C... Thank you RLTSquare - Umair, Rawna, Omar and Idrees; I look forward to starting a new project with your company and I do hope that the service I received on this continues and never changes!!


Buzzer NG is an online marketing platform which provides Shops, Restaurants, Supermarkets and Service Providers an opportunity to reduce their operating expenses while maximizing profit via digital sales and marketing of these products and services. We were given the task to set up the complete Magento store and to train their team in using it on ongoing basis. The requirements also included the setup of a referral system, one page checkout, market place with reward programs and template emails. They also requested to add the WebPay payment method (specific to their region) to the website.


We added all the required extensions, implemented payment method with Magento using WebPay API, set up all the store email and the customized template emails as well. Also, we added CMS pages with static blocks based on the client's requirements.


Their new business is doing great. The multi-vendor facility is increasing their revenue and with reward point, online customers are showing interest. They are using local payment method now and currently working on marketing efforts to expand their reach.