Gym Fitness ,an online training equipment shop, came to us for redesign of their website and installation and cutomization of a theme. They also asked us for installation of extensions. They also asked for the optimization of their website.


We redesigned their site by installing Porto theme and customizing it according to their requiements. We provided client with different design options. The webiste redesign was completely responsive. We also installed new extensions which inclues Shipper HQ, Yotpo Reviews, Sphinx Search Ultimate, Aheadworks Giftcard Extension and Magik Backorder. During the installation of these extensions there were conflicts with already existing modules, which were removed. We also fixed some already existing bugs in the code base. The website was optimized using best practices such as merging and compressing CSS and JS and reducing no of HTTP requests. Some custom modules were also wtittern to extend the functionality of the site. Whiles adding functionality or updating it, best magento coding practices were used like core magento code was left unchanged and overriding was used extensively.


They were impressed with the redesign. All goals were achieved and we delivered a great, responsive and optimized website without any issues