Brick Built is an online store selling athletic apparel and provide fitness fashion for women. The site was built in Shopify with its limited customization option, restricted template library and limited reporting options. The client made a smart move to go with best ecommerce solution – Magento. The challenge here for us is to migrate all the customers, orders, products and other entities to Magento. Also we have to retain the design of site in Magento.

Brick Built


We setup a new store in Magento and migrate all data from Shopify. Then we create a new theme and move all the design changes into it, and create some new custom blocks for newsletters and email marketing banners. Also we test every functionality and make sure everything is working in Magento with migrated data populating successfully in user accounts and Magento backend. We install some new extensions that will ensure the better customer shopping experience like Pre-orders, Gift cards, Instant Search, Mega menu and many more. We also enable and customize reporting features in Magento.


Moving the system from Shopify to Magento resulted remarkable changes, increasing the flexibility in order management, monitoring and customization for store administrator.