Butterfield market is a sort of departmental store that offer multiple food items with different combo and deals. The client asked us to update the website from magento 1.6 to 1.9. There were a lot of extensions with customized code and modules added by previous developers without following the magento coding standards. We also had to update the required extensions and changes made in theme core files.


We had to rewrite core modules as all those changes that the developer had made in magento core need to be rewritten according to magento coding practices. We also fixed issues with several extensions that had become incompatible after upgrading magento to 1.9 version. Also the original developer had made many changes in base theme files which needed to be overwritten in custom theme.


With the help of client continuous engagement, we managed to achieve all the deadlines by delivering a perfectly working website running in magento 1.9 with all issues resolved under best coding standards.