Central Radiators

An excellent Magento Freelancer. The work has been of the highest quality and their response to my inquiries has been quick and accurate. Their input has been invaluable in both developing the layout and optimizing the speed of the site. Their English language skills are excellent and it does totally feel like I am using a UK or US company. 5 out of 5 recommendation.


Central Radiators came to us with a bunch of different requirements that allowed us to get our hands dirty in many different areas of the Magento code base. The client wanted to upgrade Magento version from 1.8 to 1.9, add Google analytics, optimize the performance, customize the products page, reduce spam boats, install SSL and modify several design elements.


We created a demo copy of the Magento store and systematically performed each modification on the demo, tested it and then moved it to the live installation. The client's constant engagement and feedback made the whole process very efficient and easy to do. We used best practices to optimize the website performance and all other modifications dictated by the client.


The website is now working on the latest Magento version. Custom design for categories gives ease to customer to focus on the desire product that they are looking for. A customized multi-select filter gives options to customers to provide actual criteria for filtering a specific product. The website is now working much faster and smoothly with SSL encryption.