Direct Paint

Great communications skills, very flexible


Direct Paint specializes in providing paint and painting related tools delivered to right to the customer's doorstep. They wanted to include more features for customers for product searching and ordering. This included ordering products by color, filtering it by color palate, showing suggested colors on product view pages and showing color images with filter options and color options. They had over 600 colors and still they had plans to add more later on.


We separated out the colors from product and linked them with the category of the product. This way, we could simply update in color from the admin and have it automatically reflect the changes for all the products of that color. Also, in order to change anything in the colors, one did not need to change all the products of that color. We also implemented filtering based upon colors making it easy for clients to search for paints.


Customers can now shop from the website with color options. They can also filter products with color palates. After our customizations, the store managers don't have to update the products separately. They can simply add colors and color palates and assign them with the products. The custom options are then configured automatically.