ICCOTP is an online certification registration system that allow user to register in Moodle, a well-known learning platform. The customer needs to get registered in Moodle courses when it purchases the course from ICCOTP. Also we need to manage different candidate standings based on the date it purchases the course and manage the course validity time period with email notifications. The challenges given to us are:

  • Moodle integration with magento
  • Allow user to register in GoToTraining system
  • Geo Location based functionality that allow user to find closest certified customer
  • Integrate Calendar that display courses
  • Configure Cron jobs
  • Customize Email templates
  • Install extensions


We create custom attribute for different courses types and customer attributes to manage the user's standings and expiration period of courses. We write some modules following magento coding standards to play with GoToTraining system. For finding the closest certified customers, we use Google Map APIs to get the zip codes from IP addresses and then calculate the distances.


The website is now up on live, registering many customers into Moodle courses and GoToTraining system. Cron Robots are managing the customer standings and certification expiration periods automatically. The traffic on site is boosted up by Affiliate Pro extension, so affiliates can earn store credits and commissions for promoting the business.