RVS is a unique website by using a concept whereby customer can create a stand, chassis or complete table as desired. The client come to us with some security threats on his store. This was because running Magento version was 1.6 and security patches were not installed. Challenge for us is to install all the security patches and upgrade the custom modules accordingly.



Instead of installing each patch one by one and then test, we plan to upgrade Magento to latest version. This will result installing all security patches installation in one go. We upgrade Magento extensions and theme’s changes to latest version. Also we compare the site’s core files with Magento core files to make sure previous developers didn’t change the core files. If there is any change, we move those core changes to custom themes and modules.


The upgrade is completed and delivered to client after testing each and every functionality and comparing old version with latest one. Magento development standards are totally met during upgrade. All the security threats are removed and site is live now.