Just when had almost lost all faith in offshore company's for their reliability and integrity, this company restored it! What an amazing team of honest, reliable, and professional people! I found a great price and a reliable output. Special thanks to the manager Idrees!


SalamZone has been one of our large-scale projects in which we have worked on various features involving Magento. The size of the work been huge and has been very challenging. It allowed us to explore many different areas including optimizing user interaction, translating the product information in more than 50 languages, integrating secure payment methods and importing products from various sources. Here is a brief list of challenges given to us:

  • There were 6 stores in almost 18 languages.
  • There were more than 72 thousand products that needed to be imported from other systems.
  • The client did not want to use Google translate widget on the website. Instead, they wanted to have the translated versions of all the products, websites and URLs.
  • Auto switching of the language and currency based upon the visitor's IP.
  • External integrations to the store included were K-net, Cyber Source 3d Secure Payment methods, YouTube, Google books and Yahoo.
  • Automatic download for downloadable products.
  • Signup with social media.
  • Ensuring that there were no conflicts among all the different types extensions.
  • Optimizing all websites for a huge no. of products.


We used Magmi for fast data imports, installed all the language packs, implemented a custom solution to translate products into different languages using the Google API. We also optimized the website for performance since there were a huge number of products and performance was a key element for good customer experience.


Excellent speed was achieved despite a huge amount of products. Customer experience was enhanced by customizing the interface based upon demographic detection using IP. Prices of products can be changed on different websites and can also use product details of any of its websites on any other website, due to the synchronization among all stores.