Dedicated Agile Teams

Long term work engagements are exciting and fruitful. We always welcome clients who are looking for such partnerships and who require dedicated resources to work on their projects. When working with such parters, we don't just wait for the requirements to start our work; we look beyond the tech-veil to understand what you need philosophically and participate with our own ideas. We feel that this extra mile really helps in adding value to our client's core business and in this way they find the most efficient direction and the best possible technical solution that works for them!


Magento Services

Magento Services, Installations and Upgrades

So you are starting your business online, you have picked Magento as your software, but are not sure really sure how to get things started? Have no fear! RLTSquare is offering magento services i.e development & customization services. We can help you set up your complete website from scratch on Magento within a matter of days! We can also migrate your site from any other platform to Magento. Here you can find out why should you migrate to Magento. Already have a Magento store and are looking to move on to the latest version? No problem! We will have you up and running in the latest version in a matter of hours!

Magento Services

New Module and Extension Development

Magento provides almost all the general functionality that any ecommerce business requires to sell online. However, we understand that your needs are special and that there are some things that aren't available to you right out of the box. This is where our expertise comes into play. We are fully equipped with the skills required to add to and to extend Magento functionality. We can develop new modules or customize existing ones for you to meet your ever changing needs. We follow Magento standards and our solutions keep your Magento installation upgrade safe!

New Module and Extension Developmen

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

As your business will grow, the influx of new customers may put a strain on your website. This is when your website will need optimizations to boost its performance because no one likes to buy from a slow website! Magento itself has been dealing with this challenge in its evolution. A little bit of fine tuning in these situations can have a huge benefit. In most of these cases, our experts guarantee a significant speed improvement within a few hours of website audit and performance fixes.

Performance Optimization

Responsive Theme Development & Customizations

No one likes a website that doesn't work well on a mobile device. In fact, this is a crime punishable with a low SEO rank by Google! In today's internet, this is understandable and we totally get it. Therefore, our clients don't have to emphasize the importance of responsiveness, that is a given for us. Along with that, creativity and elegance takes the front seat in the designs that we do. We have expertise to develop both mobile responsive and mobile friendly websites. We invite you to have a look at some of our theme work here.

Responsive Theme Development & Customization

You name it, We'll do it!

Data imports, Migration to Magento, Installing extentions, Fixing issues, SEO, Magento Installation and Upgrade

We are your one-stop-shop for any Magento task. Whether integrating new extensions, importing data (like orders, customers, products or categories) from a third party software or any issues with your day-to-day running website, we'll be more than happy to give you a hand! Our experience will help you save a lot of time and effort on anything and everything related to your Magento store.